Most of the success, of course, depends on your behavior, but they meet, as you know, according to the clothes. If she is ukrainian brides, the ideal option is to dress neatly enough, but not too formal. One of the important problems of fathers and children, especially in our time – the break of the cultural context, so you need to turn to the classic men's wardrobe both in your understanding and in the eyes of your friend's parents. Try to avoid both extremes: t-shirts with prints, sneakers and sweaters with a hood can create the impression of frivolity, but too pompous look – for example, a suit with a tie – will look as if you are trying to present yourself more important than you really are. In addition, if you do not usually wear neckties, you may be uncomfortable, and this will have a bad effect on how you will keep yourself. In general, in this case neither Nick Worcester nor Acep Rock are examples for imitation.

So, clothes should be comfortable enough, but not too casual. It is best to wear a shirt with a long sleeve or polo in case of good weather, jeans or a rank, simple shoes or not causing sneakers. Shirts are better than light, single-colored or in a soft cage or strip. A white shirt is also suitable, but it looks too festive (it is better to leave it in case you get married yet), besides, it looks good not with every complexion – you may get the impression that you turned pale at the sight of her parents, and this is not a manifestation of masculinity. If you have a pale face, you better fit a light blue.

Pants are better to choose quiet colors – red and green ranks better left for a hike on the Picnic "Afisha". If it's jeans – make sure that the bottom edge is not disheveled and that they are generally not too worn out: it's unlikely that you will explain to her parents that it's raw denim and that you do not erase them from the principle for the first six months, then to dip in a crystal clear mountain a stream on the slopes of the Andes, and you will look in their eyes just sloppy.

Do not forget to clean your shoes. Your friend's father will notice, if you have unclean shoes. Try also without the need not to wear extra jewelry, they are unlikely to deliver their historical message of high social status and prosperity.

In general, try to look simple, neat, but elegant – do not wear things that do not "sit on you", do not try to borrow a jacket from a friend "for the sake of this case." You should be comfortable, then you will feel confident. And remember that in the end, it is not so important how you will dress – the main thing, be careful, answer the questions correctly and show that you are a man worthy of their daughter. Yes, and, if that, better say that you do not have facebook and the general passion of modern youth for nightclubs you do not share.